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EIGHT & SAND from Monster Children on Vimeo.

Doing what you love isn’t a part time gig, it’s your full time status. It’s the only way of living. For most of us, we first fall for the subtleties, those tiny treats that spark a feeling inside us. This morning, Monster Children show us what that looks like for Nike Skate Boarding.

Perhaps your spark is waking up at the crack of dawn to catch mornings first light before ripping it up with your favorite board. Maybe it’s the ritual of your morning work out or listening to the the first song of the day.

What ever gets you going, never let it go. This week and next, we’ll be doing a great deal of planning and prepping for 2015. Stay with us for our daily staples of goodness and know we’re about the direction we’re headed down at the moment. It’s a forward one, it’s progressive.

Rise and Grind.

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