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Talk about verbal fury…meet Joey Bada$$. Joey Bada$$ is the next cat that you will be hearing ALOT about in hip hop. His debut album B4.DA.A$$ was released yesterday and it’s insane. He reminds me alot of a young Nas. This album, and the buzz that has surrounded it, reminds me of Illmatic and the noise that legendary album brought when it came out. “Paper Trails” is just one of the bangers on B4.DA.A$$ and it is today’s SOTD. This kid is only 20 years old and is a murderer on the microphone. Peter Rosenberg of NYC’s Hot 97 has been reppin this dude HEAVY since he came on to the rap scene in 2010. Joey was rumored to be signing with Jay Z’s Roc Nation in 2012, but turned it down to stay independent. It will only be a matter of time before the entire music industry will be bidding for his services. This kid is the truth. Check out “Paper Trails” from Joey Bada$$.




Joey-Bada-95-Til-Infinity (2)


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