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Catchy, catchy, catchy…and yet kinda over done, but I can’t escape the fun that is Fall Out Boy’s latest single “Uma Thurman.” This single will be all over pop radio and is one of the first singles the band has released from their latest album, American Beauty/American Psycho. I’m not the biggest Fall Out Boy fan. They don’t really do it for me, but one thing you can’t knock is Patrick Stump’s voice. It is one of the strongest in pop/rock music today. The band even riffed on the Pulp Fiction vibe for this one. That’s where the pop element comes into play. Fall Out Boy somehow have made it past the TRL stage. Even though this song screams out TRL, it shows that band continues to take risks and evolve musicially. I think they have reached the point where they are fully comfortable making pop music. Sometimes a band needs to stop trying to be something that they are not and just accept what they are and embrace it. Fall Out Boy are the perfect example of that type of band. I wonder if Uma Thurman is impressed with this one. Check out today’s SOTD, “Uma Thurman” by Fall Out Boy.

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