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Do we have a new power trio in music? Ever since rumors started swirling that Kanye West and Paul McCartney were making new music together, pundits first thought huh? What? WTF? What is that going to sound like? Then Kanye drops, “Only One” and critics were like, ok, Kanye with melody. Kanye with a softer side. Maybe Sir Paul is rubbing off on him. Maybe fatherhood has mellowed him out. Then Kanye and Paul bring Rihanna along for the catchiest new song of 2015. Today’s SOTD is “FourFive Seconds” a very McCartney-esque sing along song featuring three of the biggest names in all of music together. The results are awesome. I love this song. I love Kanye’s verse, especially with the kid voices echoing in the background (Is that even a kid speaking that?) and the simplicity of the medley. After watching the three of them perform this song live on the 57th Grammy Awards last night, I like it even more. Rihanna, who I have always questioned to be an average singer at best, sounded phenomenal last night and clearly holds her own next to the two musical heavyweights to the left and right of her. McCartney, who is clearly happy to be relevant with a whole new modern audience, looks very cool as the older dad getting in on this whole hip hop thing. And Kanye is just Kanye. Still boisterous, loud, and irritable, but somehow knows he is the glue that put this whole masterpiece together. The song is an undeniable hit and is definitely worth checking out.

Grammy’s Performance





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