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Glass Animals. Delicate creatures people. Their sound, subtly psychedelic, delightfully intricate through varied percussion rhythms and to the joy of many – they’re also a tad dancey. In checking them out for the first time at The Box (WARNING: Start your love/hate relationship with this venue now), a narrowly intimate joint, where the only way you’re getting a spot up front is by getting your super teenage fan girl on, and by this I mean pushing up, down and all around to pass your other fellow energetic humans. Good luck.


The energy exuded from front man Dave Bayley is a spastic coked out version of infectious crazy. Whether or not he was under the influence of anything is beside the point, your focus automatically sets upon his vibe, which was picked up from the very first row to the rear. Heart and soul of the band.

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They hit today’s pop button without sounding too pop and “Pools” more than delivers in the live setting. Keep dancing.



The people want more of them, which was made apparent by the screaming fans (comprised of a lot women). They certainly carry a feel of something more, what that is remains to be seen. Be on the look out for more shows and get excited about any new music they push out.

Writer | Rene Ramirez

Photographers + Video | Nick Langworth + Katie Balloch + Bri



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