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Got to give the people…. GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANNTTTT!

After about a 6 month hiatus, I’m back to writing and I’ve got a new, more focused point of view.  Welcome to my new writing and podcast home… The30ish.  Yup that’s right, podcasts are coming!  Before I get into what “the30ish” is, let me explain to everyone how we got here. For almost 10 years now I’ve been blogging about almost everything – sports, news, politics, dating, social issues, food, travel, and some humorous rants too.  It wasn’t always well thought-out or well executed, but man that didn’t stop me from posting it (smh in embarrassed acknowledgement).  While I’m not always proud of the things I’ve written in the past, I can say that each step along the way, no matter how immature, has helped to turn me into the semi-competent writer you see before you today.  So in acknowledgement of my new found maturity, let’s take a brief look at my blogging past.

10 Beers Deep Benny - approx age of 25
“10 Beers Deep Benny” – approx age of 25

In my early 20’s, I launched my first blog,  “10 Beers Deep.” It was a place where I could post humorous, but careless thoughts on everything.  While I got quite a few hits to the site, let’s just say that it wasn’t the best look for your boy as he tried to forge a professional career.  After a few run-ins with HR and more than a few upset ex-girlfriends, the time had come for me to start growing up professionally, personally and grammatically (ugghhh I was atrocious).

My next endeavor, “Jones and B”, a partnership with my friend Alex Jones, was aimed at being more intelligent and versatile than “10 Beers Deep”, but still holding onto some of that youthful edge.  JAB covered everything from pop-culture to sociopolitical issues with a perspective that was honest and intelligent – but admittedly a bit unrefined.  Despite our lack of editorial refinement, our refreshing tone-of-voice helped us to attract a bevy of talented writers who helped grow JAB to more than 50k monthly uniques.  Over our 3 year run we added more than 20 writers and reaching over 100k monthly views.  While our 3-year run was rather successful and our vision was strong, the execution was satisfactory at best.  Too many voices from too many different perspectives caused the site to slowly lose its focus.

Jones and B Benny (with Alex Jones) - approx age of 30
“Jones and B Benny” (with Alex Jones) – approx age of 30

So now here we are in my 3rd act as a writer and one that I think will stick for a while.  The30ish is my chance to write from the perspective of the “kind of adult.” 30ish is a period in life when you’re balanced between the full-fledged realities of adult life and the lingering desire to still be a bit young & reckless (shout out to @djdrama).  30ish isn’t so much truly an age as it is a state-of-mind. For some people being it starts at 24 and for others it doesn’t start until 35 – but when you get there you absolutely know it.  Let me give you some a little deeper understanding and context.  30ish is

  • Young enough to still rock “Jordan’s” but old enough to know how and when to rock a suit
  • Young enough that you may still rent your place, but old enough to actually decorate it with more than just random Ikea furniture
  • Young enough to know what music is hot, but old enough to have no clue what the name of the song is or who’s singing it
  • Young enough to go to a music festival, but old enough to only go if you’ve got VIP entrance, air-conditioned lounges, and a legit hotel/house to stay
  • Young enough to still want to travel world, but old enough to stay in hotels where you don’t share bathrooms with strangers anymore
  • Young enough to be super ambitious, but old enough to know how to actually do something with that ambition
  • Young enough to still want to go out and party, but old enough to admit that the party doesn’t usually continue after brunch is over
  • Young enough to still blow through some cash here and there, but old enough to still have some true “net worth” at the end of every day
  • Young enough to buy the right car, but old enough not to put rims on it ( Hov knows what I’m talking about)
the30ish Benny - approx age 33
“the30ish” Benny – approx age 33

I could keep going on with those examples forever, but the point was to give context to the30ish stage of life.  Because, it’s a perspective that I think a large number of people are in.  We aren’t a generation that just wants to have kids, get old, and call it a life.  We want achieve professional and personal success without giving up the luxuries of our youth.  For me, the30ish, is a chance to transpose that balanced perspective onto all subjects – from social politics to sports to travel.  If you like the writing share it… if you don’t like it – well go F….  Jk… That was 20’s Benny coming out.  My Bad

Oh yea, if you’re looking for some of our old “Jones and B” and “10 Beers Deep” content – I didn’t delete anything, they are all archived throughout the site.  So feel free to dig around to find stories that you might have liked in the past.



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