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You’ve been waiting for it, so we had to bring it to you; The30ish Pod is here.

In our first episode, I am joined via Skype by Lance, Sid and Epp as we breakdown what it means to be “30ish.” From the obvious not being able to party like you used to, to trying to stay stylish, to paying for convenience, we do our best to discuss what it means to be an adult, who’s still trying to be young, but knows they aren’t that young anymore.

FYI, We failed to get the full video chat going for this episode, but soon enough we’ll have this whole thing rolling. Apparently part of being 30ish is being clumsy AF at trying to get video conferences to happen. But don’t worry, we’ll clean things up and give you the full video feed soon enough.

In case people were wondering who everyone is, here’s some photos so you can get acquainted.

Lance Hayes: 29, NYC @lhayes1074

Lance Hayes
Lance trying to be professional
Lance Hayes 2
Lance kicking it in Mexico on the right

Sidney Henne: 27, NYC @littlebeingbigworld

Sid messing around with her brothers
Sidney Henne
Sid in full wanderlust at Angkor Wat

Epp (Paul Epperlein): 35, NJ @actionepp

Paul Epperlein
Epp looking Derby Day fresh with his wife
The Full Epp Clan

2 thoughts

  1. Solid start peeps…looking forward to more content.
    what is that damn clicking at 28:44?? stop clicking the pen!!
    going away with dogs is the worst…it costs more to put them up for the weekend then myself

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