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Flo Shots CBD Review

Today i am reviewing an organization whom makes use of hemp that is water-soluble an approach to boost bioavailability.

That business is Flo Shots. You may have heard of Flo Shots CBD as they are wondering how good their CBD works, and in case water-soluble hemp makes a distinction.

I am geting to go in-depth in this review to resolve these relevant questions and present my reasonable evaluation of Flo Shots.

First, the following is their company info:

Flo Shots Business Information

Flo Shots infographic

Flo Shots utilizes hemp grown in Colorado to be able to create full-spectrum CBD items (their CBD has 0% THC all though it’s complete spectrum). Colorado is among the best places for growing hemp.

Their hemp can also be removed in Chicago within an facility that is FDA-registered making use of the CO2 extraction method that is supercritical.


Here is the many extraction that is favorable, because no harmful solvents are introduced within the batch and it also preserves almost all of the plant.

There’s third-party lab evaluating accessible to back within the claims, and make sure you you are getting trustworthy CBD.

Flo Shots attempts to differentiate themself through the use of water-soluble hemp–as mentioned previously. Water-soluble hemp aims to rectify the issue of other hemp items which have lower bioavailability. This means in a few other services and services and products–especially many tinctures–most of this CBD gets lost when you look at the intestinal tract.


Water-soluble hemp increases bioavailability. This is certainly accomplished by reducing the dimensions of the CBD particles, hence enabling the body to make use of the majority of the hemp.

This provider seemingly have every thing in an effort, let’s see just what services and products they feature.

Flo Shots Products

Flo Shots products

Flo Shots are recognized for one item: their Flo Shot. Flo Shot is available in 4 unique tastes:

Green Tea Lemongrass

Spicy Citrus

Mellow Berry

Coconut Lemongrass

Components: Clear Water, Water-Soluble Wide Spectrum Hemp, Natural And Organic Flavor Concentrates (Gum Acacia, Natural Flavors), Stevia, Citric Acid.

All of them can be bought in 2 fl oz containers, each containing 15mg of broad-spectrum hemp. Each container is sold with a termination date plus they are offered in a pack of 4 for $29.99. This really is a affordable cost for the actual quantity of CBD plus the wide range of containers you will get.

Therefore let me reveal my report on Flo Shots CBD:

My Flo Shots CBD Review

Initial Impressions

Initially, I became happy with the packaging. Each shot will come in a cup container, with easy but good searching artwork.

I will talk about the tastes next and speak about the consequences in basic for many of them afterward, since they all have actually the exact same impacts.


Generally speaking, water that is used for the flavors tastes and that is crisp energizing. Initially, the mouth area does have a tendency to obtain a small bit dry but strangely a short while later the contrary takes place.

The mouth area feels hydrated and refreshed. Each shot tastes much like a spritzer, never to heavy regarding the flavor, however they are a tad sweet. These are generally sugar-free but do include stevia.

Now i will talk about each taste in level in an effort associated with final one being my favorite (this does not suggest i did son’t just like the very first one, i do believe all the flavors were very good).

Green Tea Lemongrass Flo Shot

Flo Shots green tea leaf lemongrass CBD

Initially, there clearly was a rather smell that is faint of. Whenever attempting it, the lemongrass is certainly predominant in this taste, you do get yourself a hint associated with green tea leaf style. This taste does slightly leave behind a bitter aftertaste.

If only there is a bit more tea that is green in this taste, but fundamentally it nevertheless tasted good and I also would again try it.

Mellow Berry Flo Shot

Flo Shots Mellow Berry CBD

Upon starting this bottle, you might be greeted having a berry that is sweet, smells mainly of raspberry.

Whenever tasting it, it is very pleasant, it really is light and flowery. No bitter aftertaste but you can taste the stevia.

The berry blend is effective in this taste and tastes great!

Coconut Lemongrass Flo Shot

Flo Shots Coconut Lemongrass

This taste has a rather, extremely faint coconut smell to it. However, the taste is here great.

It tastes nearly the same as a pina colada, extremely coconutty. The lemongrass is contained in this 1 and it is really refreshing. It really is light and crisp, without any bitter aftertastes and it is moderately sweet.

Spicy Citrus Flo Shot

Flo Shots Spicy Citrus CBD

This taste is quite unique. Straight away it smells just like fresh lemonade. Whenever tasting it, it really is absolutely interesting, very lemony rather than actually spicy.

There’s a rather faint spicy aftertaste and a moderate pepper style, which works well. And there’s no bitter aftertaste with that one.

It really is undoubtedly a flavor that is great.

Now we arrive at the enjoyment an element of the Flo Shots review, the consequences:

Flo Shot Effects

Flo Shots CBD Review

I possibly couldn’t have obtained these Flo Shots at a far more time that is perfect. We have been super stressed amongst the breaks coming and coping with an increased workload.

I will be throughout the accepted spot and my head is focused for a million various things. Anxiety, anxiety, headaches and sleeplessness appeared to be synonymous recently.

Upon using the very first Flo shot, you see that these work faster than almost every other items. It works a few momemts after|minutes that are few using one.

Almost straight away we felt a sensation that is calming on and it alleviated some of my headaches.


I happened to be able to unwind much simpler throughout the afternoon. This appeared to reduce my anxiety a lot and simply overall in general relaxed me. It the frantic pace regarding the time.

At these shots worked well too night. I slept a lot easier in addition they produced really dreams that are vivid. Overall whenever using them to sleep, my sleep felt more restorative wasn’t getting up as i actually do at evenings. Healing sleeplessness is apparently the key function in this CBD.

The effects after taking the rest of the shots over the course of the week were constant each time.

We noticed an very nearly instant sensation that is calming which made my day a little more serene, and nights were better. Overall, that is a rather relaxing stress.

Flo Shots CBD Analysis







Headache administration




Best For:



My Flo Shots Review Conclusion

Overall I happened to be extremely pleased with these Flo Shots. The look along with the water-soluble hemp does seem to kick in quicker than many other items.

The CBD total ended up being very worked and relaxing well for sleeplessness. Every taste was unique and tasted great. My small nitpicking is by using the green tea one, it may have experienced a more green that is robust taste, it absolutely was nevertheless good nevertheless.

The organization did

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A job that is good this item and their site is simple to navigate getting the details .

Flo Shots gets my and Honest CBD Man’s press.

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