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Dating specialist branded a ‘d*ck’ by Piers Morgan reveals their most useful nations for fulfilling women

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A dating specialist, who was simply branded a dick by Piers Morgan for claiming Uk ladies are ‘entitled and overweight’, has revealed their best and worst countries for fulfilling the sex that is opposite.

And, surprise, great britain didn’t make the’ list that is‘best.

Richard Los Angeles Ruina, from Cambridge, England, placed Russia near the top of their list for top nations for ladies when it comes to appearance and character – with Latvia, Denmark, Asia and Sweden following close behind.

Obviously, Britain ended up being put as Richard’s worst nation on earth when it comes to opposing intercourse – aided by the usa using 2nd destination for many disappointing females with regards to of appearance and character.

Other nations in the bottom of this range for females are Argentina, Germany and Italy.

Richard stated which he usually suggests his English male consumers to prevent homegrown women and opt for Eastern European or sometimes, Scandinavian girls – who’re ‘more feminine, well mannered and prettier’ in his viewpoint.

In fact, after realising that British women were ‘not marriage material’, Richard relocated to Moscow, Russia, last year with all the sole function of finding a woman to relax with.

He dated around 200 ‘good and gorgeous Russian women’ before he came across their spouse Katia in February 2015.

Describing their top five countries when it comes to sex that is opposite Richard, 37, said: ‘I travelled to over sixty nations and dated ladies from around the planet.

‘I usually decided to go to a location simply because it had been expected to have women that are wonderful. Often it turned out to be real, but often times it wasn’t.

‘Scandinavian females constantly scored actually high – these are typically cool, contemporary, intriguing and pretty. Swedish girls are nice but Denmark wins Scandinavia for me personally.

‘You simply have to move into Copenhagen to see plenty of high, gorgeous feamales in sound condition wandering the streets.

‘However nowhere on the planet can compare towards the the volume that is sheer of ladies that reside in Moscow and thus Russia tops my list.

Top five

1. Russia – ‘No where in the world even compares to Russia for stunning females due to their obviously stunning visual appearance, long, glossy locks and slim numbers.

‘Not just will they be gorgeous they’re also ladylike, accomplished, intelligent and also have old-fashioned family members values.

‘Russian and many Eastern European women can be also alot more straightforward and honest than many females which can be acutely refreshing’

2. Latvia – ‘This former USSR nation has a lot of talent – though it’s somewhat spoilt for the rest by British blokes whom get here for inexpensive stag parties.

‘Gorgeous dark haired, slim and well-mannered females everywhere’.

3. Denmark – ‘Danish women are super cool, refined, intriguing and pretty.

‘Scandinavian ladies are actually friendly and hot too therefore I would recommend using a visit to Copenhagen and seeing if it is for you personally’

4. China – ‘The women in Asia are feminine, appealing and sweet. There are some social obstacles getting past but if you can accomplish that, they generate actually lovely and attentive girlfriends.

‘Be warned though, all the Western take out joints that have actually exposed within the last few ten years have actually led to an increasing obesity issue in Asia’

5. Sweden – ‘Fun, gorgeous and extremely women that are open. Swedish girls are less normal and more gullible than Eastern European or Danish women which is why they don’t fare too back at my top list.

‘However regarding the plus side, regional Swedish dudes are pretty worthless utilizing the reverse intercourse – so Uk blokes have actually a fantastic shot because of the females there’.

Bottom five

1. Uk – ‘As I’ve stated before, Uk ladies simply have less and less feminine – and increasingly obese and entitled.

‘They want a man that is effective, good-looking and chivalrous and even though they don’t have much to offer in exchange. Uk girls don’t make pleasant partners so it is better to steer clear.

‘Of course you will find exceptions for this guideline but generally speaking you are able to probably do better’

2. USA – ‘American women are often more styled, with immaculate makeup and sparkling shiny white teeth.

‘However these are typically massively disappointed by their noisy, frequently unintelligent and entitled demeanor. Nevertheless, Uk males won’t have trouble getting set in the us as American girls love an English accent’.

3. Argentina – so I booked russian brides at a two month trip to the Argentinian capital‘ I heard so many good things about the ladies of Buenos Aires.

‘However Argentinian ladies had been a huge let-down – they have been dumpy and consume hefty meals constantly. And they also lack the vivacity of the Brazilian neighbours’.

4. Germany – ‘Although German ladies aren’t always ugly, they’re perhaps not feminine and their rough accents are really a genuine turn-off. They aren’t the absolute most fun feamales in the world either’.

5. Italy‘My that is consumers usually complain about how exactly there are plenty good-looking men in Italy but a relative dearth of attractive ladies

‘Italian women can be noisy and unpleasant – yet they’re entitled simply because they have actually plenty of appealing guys inside their vicinity and possess their choose of the greatest.

‘You’ll find plenty of Italian guys maneuvering to Eastern Europe to fulfill women’.

‘As well to be gorgeous, Russian females have actually an extra dimension that Scandinavian girls don’t have – they’ve read Tolstoy, they’re talented, they’re very educated and in addition more naturally pretty.

‘Swedish ladies do make use of fake tan and dye their hair more.’

In terms of their worst five nations for females, Richard stated: ‘Britain as well as the united states of america strike the spots that are bottom the ladies within these nations would be the worst when it comes to obesity and entitlement.

‘Generally talking, these are typically noisy and that is irritating are Italian women.

‘On the plus side, a Uk bloke simply has to state a couple of terms to an US woman and she’s within the case. In the event that you can’t get set within the U.S, you will need buying my book.

‘Although German girls are not bad looking, they generate my bottom list because they’re quite masculine as well as very little enjoyable.’

Richard, whom claims his dating internet site PUA Training is the largest in European countries, added: ‘There are some countries that narrowly missed an area on my top five list such as for instance Brazilian ladies.

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‘Although Brazilian girls are sexy and fun-loving, they’re a bit enthusiastic about the pursuit for a large bum and take in beer and wear flip flops on a regular basis.

‘But I actually suggest Uk blokes simply take a low priced trip and test the amazing ladies in the planet – instead of simply fulfilling the most common Uk woman you will find along the pub for a Friday evening.

‘You will dsicover that gorgeous, smart Eastern European and Scandinavian females aren’t for you personally – but you could also find one thing great which will improve your love life.’

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