was “Jones and B”, has evolved to become “the30ish”, perspectives on everything from the “kind of adult.”

30ish is a period in life when you’re balanced between the full-fledged realities of adult life and the lingering desire to still be a bit young & reckless (shout out to @djdrama).  30ish isn’t so much truly an age as it is a state-of-mind. For some people being it starts at 24 and for others it doesn’t start until 35 – but when you get there you absolutely know it.  Let me give you some a little deeper understanding and context.  30ish is

  • Young enough to still rock “Jordan’s” but old enough to know how and when to rock a suit
  • Young enough that you may still rent your place, but old enough to actually decorate it with more than just random Ikea furniture
  • Young enough to know what music is hot, but old enough to have no clue what the name of the song is or who’s singing it
  • Young enough to go to a music festival, but old enough to only go if you’ve got VIP entrance, air-conditioned lounges, and a legit hotel/house to stay
  • Young enough to still want to travel world, but old enough to stay in hotels where you don’t share bathrooms with strangers anymore
  • Young enough to be super ambitious, but old enough to know how to actually do something with that ambition
  • Young enough to still want to go out and party, but old enough to admit that the party doesn’t usually continue after brunch is over
  • Young enough to still blow through some cash
    here and there, but old enough to still have some true “net worth” at the end of every day
  • Young enough to buy the right car, but old enough not to put rims on it ( Hov knows what I’m talking about)



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